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The 2 Best Green Business Card Options

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By Jeffrey

recycled-business-cards.jpgLooking for a more eco-friendly business card but mini business cards from Moo or Zazzle don’t fit your style?

There are some GREAT eco-friendly, recycled, and no VOC options out there, but which one do you choose?

Are they all really eco-friendly or just jumping on the bandwagon because it’s good for business?

Good questions.

Let me help you break it down.

Just as with eco-friendly mini business cards, you need to ask yourself a few questions when choosing a business card design and material.

How green do you want it to be?

The easiest option would be to select a recyceld business card.

The extreme might be going all the way for recycled, soy based ink, no VOC, FSC certified, and chlorine free.

Top 2 Green (and Affordable) Business Card Options:

#1 –

GreenPrinter is one of the best options I’ve found. They also do some really cool things no one else is doing to help you promote the benefits of your eco-friendly business card.

Perhaps one of the coolest things the GreenPrinter does is allow you to add an eco-friendly tagline to your card for FREE.

Their stock tagline reads,

"Printed on 100% recycled content, 50% post consumer waste, processed chlorine-free."

If you choose their stock tagline, it will include the logo. The folks at GreenPrinter care more about the environment than their own publicity because they’ll let you download the default tagline, edit it, and upload the custom one.

That’s freakin’ awesome!

Price: 250 cards (of either size) with full color front AND back will cost $69 before tax or shipping.

#2 –

Pixxlz eco-friendly business cards are a great solution as well. Why could you choose them?

  • Offer 2 x 3.5 traditional or 1 x 3.5 "mini card" sizes
  • Use 100% digital short-run presses, which emit 90% less VOC’s
  • For larger runs, they use a digital offset press that uses 100% soy and water-based ink
  • Use recycled, carbon neutral, FSC certified paper from an un-named company who produces its card stock by 100% wind and water power

Read more about how Pixxlz prints green.

Price: 250 cards (of either size) cost $43 before tax and shipping. (I THINK it’s full color, front and back, the site was unclear).

Which Should You Choose?

Either option would be a great choice. Both sites have pretty nice design tools and it appears that both companies would supply GREAT green business cards.

You Choose the Next Post!

Would you like to see another post in this green business card series that breaks down the most popular no-paper, all digital business card solutions?

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