Jim Carrey Shows How NOT to Celebrate Arbor Day

Happy Arbor Day everyone!Since this last holiday of Earth Month happens to fall on a Friday this year, I thought we'd celebrate by indulging in some comic relief.Check out this clip of Jim Carey as "Environmental Guy" in his early days on In Living Color...and then let it be a lesson on why eco-snobbery sucks!    … [Read more...]

4 Fun Ways To Celebrate Earth Month

Earth Hour awesomely closed out the month of March and unofficially ushered in April -- which is known as Earth Month. Why is April called Earth Month? As Lighter Footsteps says, it's because April contains 3 uber-eco-holidays: World Heritage Day Earth Day Arbor Day That's an awful lot of green for one month, eh (for our Canadian readers)? What are some FUN ways to celebrate and enjoy living green in Earth Month? Let us show you... … [Read more...]