Jim Carrey Shows How NOT to Celebrate Arbor Day

Happy Arbor Day everyone!Since this last holiday of Earth Month happens to fall on a Friday this year, I thought we'd celebrate by indulging in some comic relief.Check out this clip of Jim Carey as "Environmental Guy" in his early days on In Living Color...and then let it be a lesson on why eco-snobbery sucks!    … [Read more...]

4 Fun Ways To Celebrate Earth Month

Earth Hour awesomely closed out the month of March and unofficially ushered in April -- which is known as Earth Month. Why is April called Earth Month? As Lighter¬†Footsteps says, it's because April contains 3 uber-eco-holidays: World Heritage Day Earth Day Arbor Day That's an awful lot of green for one month, eh (for our Canadian readers)? What are some FUN¬†ways to celebrate and enjoy living green in Earth Month? Let us show you... … [Read more...]