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Earth Hour: Flip the Switch or Steel Chair Wielding Pandas Will Get You

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By Jeffrey

Did you know that Earth Hour is just over a month away?

I live in a city chosen by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to be 1 of 6 flagship Earth Hour cities in the US.

None other than Nashville, TN.

What FUN ways can you be involved in Earth Hour where you live and what’s up with the steel chair wielding pandas (they DO mean business)?

Earth Hour started 2 short years ago in Sydney, Austrailia.

What that one city did as a little big step in the fight against climate change has caught on like wildfire and turned into a vast worldwide event!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going down to the Nashville Earth Hour campaign kick off at one of Nashville’s historic lower Broadway honky tonk bars.

I was live twittering the event, as were my friends @CoolPeopleCare and @EarthHrNshville.

What Makes Earth Hour So Cool?

  • It’s super easy — all you do is turn your lights off for an hour. And we know there are PLENTY of “fun” things to do in the dark, *wink wink*.
  • It’s FUN — If you live in a city that is officially participating in Earth Hour, like Nashville, there will be LOTS of big events to go to…in the dark.
  • Check out the Earth Hour video:

What’s Up With The Wrestleresque Pandas?

World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the organization behind Earth Hour, has the panda at right as their logo.

Awhile back I saw someone spoof the logo (as seen above) referring to the old “pro” wrestling organization — also called the WWF (now called the WWE).

How Can You Get Involved?

You can find all kinds of cool Earth Hour resources at Earth Hour’s:

Be sure to DEFINITELY not miss out on Earth Hour’s interactive kid’s site. It’s an AWESOME hub of fun and info.

What are you planning to do for Earth Hour?

  • Have a blackout or candle lit party?
  • Have a wrestling panda bear match?
  • Go to a local Earth Hour event?
  • Plan a large scale Earth Hour event?
  • what else? (share in the comments)