30 Fun Ways To Reuse Gift Wrap: Creative, Practical & Downright Crafty Ideas For Reusing Wrapping Paper


Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or meandering through the wintertime holiday season, if you’re surprising loved ones or friends with gifts, then your shopping list most likely includes gift wrap. That may beg the question: how can you reuse gift wrap? Why would you even want to reuse gift wrap? Think of it this way: in addition to being expensive (you can easily spend up to $10 per roll these days for fancy wrapping paper), wrapping paper also consumes a lot of natural resources, … [Read more...]

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas: 8 Ways To Wrap Gifts Without Using Wrapping Paper


With Christmas coming up quickly, I know most of us probably still have a lot of last-minute wrapping of presents to do. Well before you go out and buy that cute Santa wrapping paper, think back to last year. What happened after the unwrapping of the presents? You were probably left with a pile of that cute wrapping paper torn to shreds and destined for the trash can. (I know my family has in the past!) Call me crazy, but not only does that seem like a lot of unnecessary waste, but all … [Read more...]

6 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

Christmas. It's the mortal enemy of trees around the world. Why? KearnyHub.com says that Americans throw away 38,000 miles of ribbon, buy 2.65 billion holiday cards, and chop down 33 million Christmas trees during the holidays each year. Guess where all those cards, ribbon, wrapping paper, trees end up after the New Year? Yep, the dump. Merry Hanaquanzimas, Planet Earth. On top of that, you don't even get a chance to be eco-friendly during the holidays since traditional wrapping … [Read more...]

Save 50,000 Trees By Getting Creative With Christmas Present Wrapping

With Christmas only 11 days away people are starting finishing their "last minute" shopping and moving on to... You guessed it: wrapping all those presents! Second only to traditional card stock Christmas cards, wrapping paper is the biggest waste of paper -- and hence, trees -- during the holidays. And wrapping paper is NOT (normally) recyclable. Fear not, present wrapping lovers. There are some gift adorning options that blow the ever cursed wrapping paper out of the water.   … [Read more...]