World Solar Challenge

world solar challenge

There are a ton of cool solar technologies out there or in development these days -- solar bikinis, solar-powered 3D printers and cutters, peel & stick solar panels, solar paint, and solar shingles, for example. But, while cool solar technologies are fun, it’s hard to beat a solar vehicle race! The World Solar Challenge is just that.   … [Read more...]

International Walk To School Day (October)

Remember those days when kids used to walk to school? The Partnership for a Walkable America is trying to bring that concept back into our busy day to day lives. How? With an International Walk To School Day, of course.   Walk To School Day History The Partnership for a Walkable America sponsored the first Walk to School day in 1997 in Chicago, getting the idea from the United Kingdom. It was done in an effort to make the surrounding communities more walker … [Read more...]

Happy World Fair Trade Day!

Today is World Fair Trade Day! Cool People Care has everything you need to make it a great one. They say: "From coffee to tea to chocolate to T-shirts, fairly traded goods are essential to many entrepreneurs, employees, and enterprises all around the world. To participate, see what events are happening near you. Or, pop into your local Ten Thousand Villages store (which has a lot of options for Mother's Day) and browse around. It's easier than ever to find fair trade items, but … [Read more...]

Watch Out, It Might Be Easy To Miss Your Local Earth Day Festivities


The 40th anniversary of Earth Day is next week, April 22nd, but did you know that your local Earth Day festivities are most likely THIS weekend? Not only is the couple-day early timing working against  you, but the lack of a central hub for discovering local activities and festivals might cause you to miss out on them too. Consider us your hub...   … [Read more...]

Earth Hour 2010 Is Already Bigger Than Ever, But Will It Make a Difference?

Did you realize that Earth Hour is this coming Saturday night?Well it is.On Saturday March 27th you can turn your lights off from 8:30-9:30pm (local time) to join in with hundreds of millions of people around the world and call for action against climate change.Why do we love Earth Hour so much?Because it involves a lot of people doing a simple thing, and we love simple steps.But does Earth Hour make a real difference? … [Read more...]

World Water Day By The Numbers

Did you know that today is World Water Day? This year the theme is all about water quality. Or as it's more commonly put, clean water. What's the big deal about water? Isn't there plenty of water to go around? No. TreeHugger posted the infographic you see here. It does an incredible job at telling the story of why water quality and conservation are such important issues for everyone on planet Earth. What are some things you can do? Keep track of your water … [Read more...]

Jimmy Fallon’s AWESOME Eco-Jam Medley For NBC’s Green Week

Jimmy Fallon was definitely the shining star of NBC's green week this week when he rock his first annual eco-jam... especially as it was largely overshadowed by a writer's strike. The LA Times reports: "Al Gore appears on "30 Rock." Chuck (from "Chuck") visits Stanford University, coinciding with an annual "green" festival. On "Journeyman," Dan takes time from his "trip to the past" to educate a cabdriver on the wonders of recycling. The doctors on "ER" have to deal with a rolling brownout … [Read more...]

Captain Planet Returns To Give the UN What They Probably Deserve

What would happen if the long-absent Captain Planet showed up at the Climate Change Conference in in Copenhagen?I grew up on Captain Planet and the Planeteers. They were encouraging better uses of our resources way before it was popular to be talking about it.Check out this hilarious video and see where Captain Planet has been all these years: … [Read more...]

Does LEED Certification and Optional VIP Seating Make Movie Going Better?


Would uber green features and LEED certification really encourage people to choose the new Majestic 12 movie theater over another one? One thing is for sure, if the eco-friendliness didn't do the trick, the VIP seating sure would! Check out some of the 1st impressions people had about this new (and only) LEED registered theater:   Want to see the 21+ VIP theater in action? Don't miss the video after the jump... As you can see from the responses we caught at the fund raising … [Read more...]

The US’s First LEED Registered Movie Theater Is Now Open, And We Were There


It's official, the Majestic 12--which is the 1st LEED registered movie theater in the country--is open for business...and in the small town of Chattanooga, TN. I was down in Chattanooga for the non-profit gala the night before the grand opening and was able to catch up with the brains behind the project. Check out this interview with Dale Hurst, Director of Marketing for Carmike Cinemas, and Jeff Pfitzer, Director of Special Projects for River City Company (who are the developers of the … [Read more...]