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Jimmy Fallon’s AWESOME Eco-Jam Medley For NBC’s Green Week

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By Jeffrey

Jimmy Fallon was definitely the shining star of NBC’s green week this week when he rock his first annual eco-jam… especially as it was largely overshadowed by a writer’s strike.

The LA Times reports:

“Al Gore appears on “30 Rock.” Chuck (from “Chuck”) visits Stanford University, coinciding with an annual “green” festival. On “Journeyman,” Dan takes time from his “trip to the past” to educate a cabdriver on the wonders of recycling. The doctors on “ER” have to deal with a rolling brownout in Chicago. Somehow even “The Singing Bee” manages to do an eco-friendly episode…

Unfortunately — or perhaps this was expertly plotted by sinister Big Media — the green initiative was completely overshadowed by the long-anticipated writers strike. Whoops!”

Nevertheless, Jimmy Fallon and a host of other great green-themed programs rocked NBC this week. Check out Fallon’s green night eco-jam:

Our friends at Ecorazzi pretty much said it all:

“Seriously, it’s no easy task to come up with something entertaining and environmentally-themed — but Fallon’s 4-minute guitar jam hits it on all levels. Not to mention the guy can actually sing and play. Prepare to rock out to green versions of Amy Winehouse (”They tried to make me buy a hybrid…”), Justin Timberlake (”I’m bringing bottles back…”), and Jay-Z (”Check out these new floors…”) among others.”


What about the rest of NBC’s green week?

  • Sunday: For the 3rd year, Sunday Night Football kicked off Green Week!
  • Monday: All day marathon of eco-conscious Bravo shows.
  • Tuesday: The Naughty Kitchen was nice when it came to its carbon footprint.
  • Wednesday: The last night of Anne Thompson’s 3-part Green Week series.
  • Thursday: Al Gore made a return cameo in 30 Rock’s take on Green Week.
  • Friday: The last in Today’s 5-part series called “Smart Week”.
  • Saturday: Suze Orman gives you the news you can use on where to put your green.
  • Sunday: End Green Week with the second part of Future Earth, 100 Heartbeats.

Why does NBC do two weeks worth of eco-programming every year? (Earth Week in April and Green Week in November)?

From their Green Is Universal site they say:

“We kicked the initiative off in November of 2007 with a week of green-themed programming and we’ll be continuing the commitment to our efforts throughout the coming years. Going green is no small undertaking – whether you are a big media company or an individual hoping to make a change – so we’ll be posting all of our exciting news on this site along with green tips, green clips, and a fast-paced blog covering everything we’re doing at NBC Universal, and beyond.”

Hey, sounds good to us. Anything that makes living green easier and more fun is a WIN in our book.

Enjoy the last couple of days of NBC’s Green Week and have a wonderful weekend!