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Earth Hour 2010 Is Already Bigger Than Ever, But Will It Make a Difference?

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By Jeffrey

earth-hour-2010-logo.jpg Did you realize that Earth Hour is this coming Saturday night?

Well it is.

On Saturday March 27th you can turn your lights off from 8:30-9:30pm (local time) to join in with hundreds of millions of people around the world and call for action against climate change.

Why do we love Earth Hour so much?

Because it involves a lot of people doing a simple thing, and we love simple steps.

But does Earth Hour make a real difference?

Focus Organic reported earlier this month that Earth Hour 2010 has already surpassed its highest participation numbers of years past.

Why would you want to pledge your support too?

Even with hundreds of millions of people world wide participating, can turning off your lights for an hour really make that big of a difference?

According to an article and nifty graph at TreeHugger, Earth Hour can make a HUGE difference. They say,

"In the City of Toronto, power consumption dipped 15.1% (a lot of people were into it here). In the Philippines, power saved was equivalent of shutting down six coal fired plants for an hour. Even Dubai cut back by 200,000 kWh."

What are some ways to have fun in the dark?

  • Check out the awesome Earth Hour ideas we shared around this time last year
  • New for Earth Hour in 2010, you can participate in a global lights off event on Twitter
  • You can host a candle light game night with some friends
  • Go for a moon light stroll around your hopefully dark neighborhood
  • and oh so much more…

TreeHugger has the be-all, end-all list of fun things to do during Earth Hour. Check out their 101 Earth Hour ideas list.

Last year we got out here in Nashville, TN and interviewed some people on historic lower Broadway while all of the lights were on and also in the pitch darkness after the city went dark. We even got a few words from Nashville mayor Karl Dean.

What are your plans for Earth Hour this year?