May Is National Bike Month: 3 Ways To Have Fun

by Jeffrey

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bike-to-work-month.jpg Summer is just around the corner and your diet sucks, your workout is non-existent, and you have zero time left in the day to remedy either one.

What’s a workaholic like you to do?

Ride your bike to work!

Biking to work allows you to save time, get your workout in, cut down on the stress of traffic, and oh so much more.

And guess what…May is National Bike Month.


So what’s the point of National Bike Month?

Well for one thing, it means The Fun Times Guide to Living Green is going to bring you lots of kick ass ways to have FUN on your bike!

May is a BIG month, being simultaneously National Bike Month, National EcoDriving Month, AND an opportunity to see how much better you may feel by giving up your carnivorous customs for “Meatless May“.


What can you do for National Bike Month?

#1 – Bike to work.

If you’re not quite sure that biking to work is a good fit for you, check out 5 Reasons You Should Consider Commuting By Bike.

Approximately 94 seconds after you finish reading that article and deciding that biking to work IS for you, even if it’s just one day a week, you’re going to want to find out how to NOT die while bike commuting.

…because most people are kind of attached to living.


#2 – Get your hands dirty.

LighterFootstep says you should spend some time getting your bike ready to commute to work (or anywhere else) before taking to the pavement.

They’ve also got some great tips on how to procure a new used bike on the cheap.


#3 – Have fun.

CommuteByBike is THE source for everything you wanted to know about bike commuting. Check it out, be safe, have FUN, and let’s get to pedaling!

My friend Jeff McIntire-Strasburg of The Sundance Channel’s Sunfiltered blog has an AWESOME post about bike to work week that you should also check out before hitting the pavement.

Do you currently or will you be biking to work at any time this month?