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Now YOU Can Ride in the Tour de France!

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By Jeffrey

mapmyride-le-tour-de-france-challenge.jpgWish no longer, now YOU can actually participate in the Tour de France!


Yep, that’s right. You simply get out and ride your bike, MapMyRide will do the rest!

Read on to see how it works, but beware of Ben Stiller stealing your bike, like he did to Lance Armstrong the other day… and have teamed up to bring us the Le Tour Challenge.

As described above, simply get out and ride your bike, submit your ride to (which I’ve raved about before), and see how you would have stacked up against the pro’s had you actually been riding in France for that stage.

Did I mention there are prizes to be won?!

Yep! There are $1,000’s of dollars in prizes to be had for participating. Everything from prizes for top performers and random drawings for everyone participating (because we wouldn’t wanna get all performance-based acceptance and all…).

Le Tour on Twitter

Unless you’ve been living in a cave this month, you know that this year Lance Armstrong is back in le Tour.

If you’d like to show your support for the LIVESTRONG foundation, you can add a LIVESTRONG wristband to your twitter avatar with one click!

The image pictured is how Lance Armstrong’s twitter avatar looks with the LIVESTRONG wristband.

By the way, he’s an avid twitterer and his videos from the tour are hilarious (like the above Ben Stiller one).

My avid cycling friends @heyrick and @jimpalmer have already added the LIVESTRONG wristband to their avatars. Join in the fun!

Of course you can always follow me on twitter for great green fun! Drop your name and a link to your twitter profile in the comments if you added the LIVESTRONG wristband to your avatar.


And you can learn more about how everything from cycling for fun to commuting on your bike can be better for your health and the environment — and how now not to die while riding — right here at The Fun Times Guide to Living Green.