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Solar Powered Climbing Monkeys to the Rescue!

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By Jeffrey

First a solar powered 6-in-1 transforming toy and now a solar powered climbing monkey?

Maybe I should just have deemed this "Awesome Solar Powered Toys Week". What do you think?


It’s wonderful little gizmos and gadgets like this that make the geek inside all of us squeal with glee.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like this solar powered climbing monkey has the reach to climb across the pond, as he’s only available to you European folks. Why does it seem like all the great solar powered toys are camping out in the UK?

Oh well, enjoy the solar powered fun!

This solar powered monkey will set you back about £16.99, but a monkey climbing back and forth across your office is will worth it!

Go Green Expo in Atlanta

In other news, I’m off to the Go Green Expo in the ATL this weekend!

Look for ALL kinds of fun tweets through the weekend and video plus blog posts to come next week. I’ll be shooting the video man-on-the-street style like we did before, during, and after Earth Hour 2009.

(By the way, I was the ONLY blogger or member of the media to get an interview with Earth Hour 2009 Flagship city, Nashville, TN mayor Karl Dean during Earth Hour…so don’t miss it!)

If you’re going to be in the ATL this weekend, be sure to stop in the Go Green Expo…it’s going to be Atlanta’s biggest green event in history! Don’t forget to direct message me via Twitter (@JSDavis82), because I’d love to meet you!

Happy Friday!