Funny Quiz: Oil Spill, Seagal, or Van Damme?

Some of BP's oil cleanup tactics sound a lot like bad action movie titles. But hey, what do you expect from a company who turns even a coffee spill into a corporate disaster? came up with a clever quiz to see if you can tell whether or not the phrase is a BP cleanup idea or a actually a Steven Seagall or Jean Claude Van Damme movie title. … [Read more...]

Jimmy Fallon’s AWESOME Eco-Jam Medley For NBC’s Green Week

Jimmy Fallon was definitely the shining star of NBC's green week this week when he rock his first annual eco-jam... especially as it was largely overshadowed by a writer's strike. The LA Times reports: "Al Gore appears on "30 Rock." Chuck (from "Chuck") visits Stanford University, coinciding with an annual "green" festival. On "Journeyman," Dan takes time from his "trip to the past" to educate a cabdriver on the wonders of recycling. The doctors on "ER" have to deal with a rolling brownout … [Read more...]

The US’s First LEED Registered Movie Theater Is Now Open, And We Were There


It's official, the Majestic 12--which is the 1st LEED registered movie theater in the country--is open for business...and in the small town of Chattanooga, TN. I was down in Chattanooga for the non-profit gala the night before the grand opening and was able to catch up with the brains behind the project. Check out this interview with Dale Hurst, Director of Marketing for Carmike Cinemas, and Jeff Pfitzer, Director of Special Projects for River City Company (who are the developers of the … [Read more...]

The Best Part About Patrick Swayze Wasn’t His Environmentalism…It Was The Male Stripping

Patrick Swayze's finest and most influential moment was NOT his roll in "Road House", not his illustrious conservation efforts, and hell, not even his famed performance in "Dirty Dancing". What then was the late Patrick Swayze's crowning and most glorious moment? It was, without a doubt, his Chippendale audition and dance off against the also late, great, Chris Farley on SNL. Enjoy (you too, Patrick...enjoy the freedom of existence no longer bound to your failing body): … [Read more...]

Jim Carrey Shows How NOT to Celebrate Arbor Day

Happy Arbor Day everyone!Since this last holiday of Earth Month happens to fall on a Friday this year, I thought we'd celebrate by indulging in some comic relief.Check out this clip of Jim Carey as "Environmental Guy" in his early days on In Living Color...and then let it be a lesson on why eco-snobbery sucks!    … [Read more...]