One Glee Star Is A Serious Greenie…Can You Guess Who?

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Are you a Gleek (Glee geek, obviously….duh) yet?

Well one of Fox’s new hit show, Glee, is going green in a serious way. Read on to find out who and how.

If the picture above wasn’t a big enough clue, Jane Lynch–aka Sue Sylvester, McKinley High’s cheer leading coach–is a big time greenie.

Who knew?

I’ll tell ya who, our friends at Ecorazzi did. They are THE source for all the latest green gossip. Ecorazzi says Jane Lynch is one incredibly green gal:

As MNN discovered during Fox’s recent 4th-annual Eco-Casino celebration, Lynch is also a green gal — with an eco-friendly renovation underway at canyon home in California. “We’re going to be certified. It’s not that cost-prohibitive to be green. There are so many things you can do that cost the same or just a little bit more,” she told MNN. “I live in the canyons so I have a nice cross breeze. I’ll still get air conditioning but I will use it much less.”

Besides her home, Lynch is also an avid composter and recycler — and recently starred in a PSA for FOX urging people to get an energy audit done.

I’m SO glad to see Jane Lynch say that living green doesn’t have to actually cost more to do. In the recent past, that may very well have been true, but times are a’changing. Are you looking for some cheap, fun, and easy ways to live greener? Well you’re actually in the right place. Just browse around here for a little while because ya know, that’s kinda what we’re all about.

The next episode of Glee airs tonight at 9pm eastern. If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, check it out. You may very well find that you awake tomorrow flying the flag of the Gleeks.

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