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If the Woods Are So Great, Why Do Bears Shit in Them?

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By Jeffrey

Will environmental policies impact the way you vote in this year’s presidential election?

This hilarious video from HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher reveals some scary statistics.

Note: If some colorful language, including the f-bomb, offends you, this may not be your video. There, you’ve been warned.


As the political views section on my facebook profile says, “history hasn’t really shown that man governing man has ever really worked so well.”

So for the record, I actually don’t vote at all (in a way I guess you could say that IS casting my vote…for what I believe in).

Of course the video is tongue-in-cheek, but seriously, how much progress could we possibly make if the only reason for living greener lives is that which is mandated by legislation?

Perhaps a more organic, more powerful, more meaningful ideal is that those people who do feel compelled to change the world would take action–through both big and small steps–to make that change a reality.

What are some of your favorite steps, be them big or small, to live green and change the world?