Celebrities to Arrive at Oscars in Electric Car Faster than Porsches

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At this year’s Oscars celebrities aren’t just decked out in gold, but arriving in green as well.

At the pre-Oscar gala, hosted by Global Green USA, stars such as Penelope Cruz, Orlando Bloom, and model Petra Nemcova graced the cameras and the green carpet (literally).

In addition to the party, Global Green has lined up thirty vehicles for stars to arrive in, instead of gas guzzling limousines.

One such car is the brand new, fully electric Tesla that is said to be “faster than most Porsches.”

Good Morning America’s Sam Champion was at the green gala Wednesday night and was able to get a few words with the above mentioned personalities.

Check out the video below for that interview:


About that wicked fast car…

News website iTV.com reports Global Green USA’s CEO Matt Peterson as saying, “The past years we only worked with the hybrid cars and this year we really wanted to promote alternative fuels and different technologies that represent what’s next.”

The car that everyone will want to arrive in is the Tesla Motors Roadster. George Clooney and 330 other Hollywood hipsters have already signed up to buy the electric car that does 0 to 60 in 4  seconds!

The base price on this bad boy is $92,000, not including the $30,000 it takes to reserve the 2008 model — so I guess I won’t be getting mine any time soon. What about you?