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Schwarzenegger Drops the Eff Bomb In A Secret Code To Cali Legislature

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By Jeffrey

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been imposing his will all over the California legislature. Check out this letter where he said, "eff you", to the state assembly in secret code.

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Ok, so the Governator probably didn’t send that code on purpose, but just like Ecorazzi, I think it’s still pretty funny.

Oh and just in case you were wondering, yes, this is a real letter that Arnold actually did send. My friend Shea Gunther of MNN says,

"The Governator sent a shock wave of amused incredulity through the news cycle yesterday with a note he wrote explaining his veto on a fairly non-controversial bill affecting local financing issues in San Francisco."

So what other not-so-funny shadiness has the tree trunkenator been up to? He by-passed all kinds of inspections and red tape to close a deal that would bring a new NFL stadium to southern California…to a community that doesn’t even want it!

Hmmm, seems like something smells rotten in the state of California. Maybe it’s no wonder that California’s finances are on the verge of implosion.

At any rate, enjoy the Governator’s big "oops" from above and have a safe and happy halloween!