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Solar Powered Transformers: Check Out This 6-in-1 Solar Powered Transforming Toy

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By Jeffrey

As far as toys go, it’s tough to get much cooler than transformers.

Unless, of course, that transformer is actually 6 different solar powered toys in one!



Last week I was (and still am) all about the toxin and battery free eco-friendly toys from Sprig, but this toy is full of eco-awesomeness for a totally different reason.

I learned about this solar powered robot via Inhabitat‘s sister (or shall we more appropriately say, “child”) site Inabitots. For all the eco-parents out there, Inhabitots is one of those sites that is a MUST read, bringing you daily tips on “sustainable design for the next generation.”

You know that I’m a BIG fan of do-it-yourself projects, and this toy introduces your youngster to both alternative energy and DIY in an obviously uber fun way. Talk about 2 birds with 1 stone!


So what are the features of this 6-in-1 solar powered robot?

  • 6 different possible configurations: robotic dog, moving plane, stationary plane, boat, car, and windmill
  • Solar powered (obviously)
  • The 25 pieces assemble WITHOUT screws!
  • The diagrams are big and easy to follow
  • VERY affordable

This toy will only set ya back £13 (or roughly $21) and international shipping is available to New Zealand, Australia, North America, and throughout Europe.

I always snicker under my breath when I talk about a product that may or may not require international shipping — since that GREATLY reduces the eco-friendliness of it due to the carbon footprint left from shipping it.

(By the way, that’s the reason I chose business cards from Zazzle instead of the wildly popular Moo Cards.)

Oh well, this is still one incredible toy!

Inhabitots makes one last great point about this toy saying:

Transformers are all the rage… again. But if they really are intelligent life forms exiled from a dying planet, why didn’t they decide to take the shape of the 6 in 1 Solar Robot? Why choose fossil fuel hungry vehicles (Chevrolets no less), that have put planet earth at the brink of peril? We believe it’s all an intergalactic conspiracy concocted on planet Cybertron.”

Ha! Good question indeed, Inhabitots.

Oh well, at least the AutoBots have the new Chevy Volt on their side.