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Bring your old shoes back to life with Resole America -- it's eco friendly!

Beware! Shiny coated paper store receipts deliver BPA to your skin alarmingly easier than plastic water bottles do!

Who wants boring reusable bags? Make a statement or start some conversations with a clever or funny canvas bag.

Why put plastic produce bags in your reusable shopping bags at checkout? Snag a set of the only reusable produce bags you'll ever need.

Hats off to this AMAZING pug! If he can live green, so can we.

Guys, who says you have to look like a lady to shop eco-friendlier? Check out these hip and masculine reusable bags to get your shop on!

Who wouldn't want to wear a pair of the first EVER sunglasses made from completely renewable materials? That's right... eco-friendly sunglasses from Dragon Alliance

Publix is saving tons of energy, tons of money, and earning overall cool points by installing motion detecting LED lights in their stores! Check it out!

Looking for affordable certified organic flowers? Organic Bouquet is THE place to buy organic flowers... for SOOOO many reasons!