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Publix Senses The Force Is Strong With You… And Automatically Lights Your Path

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By Jeffrey

There’s no doubt that the grocery store industry is greening itself all up in eco-fabulous technology.


Publix is one of the stores that’s leading the charge.

Check out this video I shot that showcases Publix use of motion sensing LED lights in their freezer cases.

That’s a great idea… and it’ll shock you to find out how much energy and money that actually saves them!


I got a tip, from a buddy of mine, that a new Publix location had these motion detecting LED lights in their freezer cases.

He said it freaked him out a bit until he realized what was happening. Ha.

Of course I had to go check it out.

This feature (be it a cool as crap one) is just one of the many ways Publix is implementing their “Get Into a Greener Routine” program.


How Much Is Publix Really Saving Through Their Efforts?

The Palm Beach Post says,

“By getting employees to turn off lights and close refrigerator doors, Publix saved 643 million kilowatt hours of energy last year alone. That amounts to a savings of 300,000 tons of greenhouse gases.

RFFRetailer weighs in on Publix’s high (and low) tech green features saying,

“Publix has cut its electric use by 7% overall and about 23% in new stores since launching its “Get Into a Green Routine” program in 2002…the installation of LED lighting in its frozen and refrigerated cases cut energy use there by 50-80%.”

Those savings deserve a, “holy shit!” as far as I’m concerned.

Go check out your local Publix grocery store and see if they’ve implemented some of these cool green features, like the motion sensing LED lights in the freezer cases.

If you’d like to replicate this at home, there are tons of very affordable motion detecting LED lights available, like this 10-light LED 2 pack for $25 at Amazon.