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ChicoBag Produce Stand: The Best Reusable Produce Bags

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By Jeffrey

chico-bag-produce-stand-bags.jpgWe totally love reusable bags.

But have you ever wished you didn’t have to put plastic produce bags in your favorite canvas bag upon checkout?

Yeah, us too.

ChicoBag to the rescue!

Chicobag makes some of the best reusable bags around (including a few man-friendly bags).


They just launched a new line of produce bags called the Produce Stand bags.

We were lucky enough to get a set of them to review…and they blew us away!


More About ChicoBag

ChicoBag seems to have really given some thought to these bags.

There are 3 different types of Produce Stand bags, each of which is designed specifically for a certain type of produce.

They also solved what is perhaps the biggest issue to carrying around another set of reusable bags…it is impossible to forget these bags.


3 Types of Bags

  1. The Hemp-Cotton blend bag is designed for leafy greens and green beans. The fabric is a 70 percent hemp, 30 percent cotton blend and is designed to absorb excess moisture and restrict airflow.
  2. The rePETe bag is great for squash, broccoli, carrots and celery because it restricts airflow and locks in moisture.
  3. The Mesh rePETe bag is ideal for apples, oranges, potatoes, onions and allows ethylene gas, nature’s ripening agent, to escape.

Just like their other rePETe bags, the rePETe Produce Stand bags are made from 99% recycled content.


Ingenious Design

The eco-friendly materials and the annihilation of plastic bag use isn’t the only great thing about the ChicoBag Produce Stand bags. The bags stuff into an apple-esque pouch when not in use.

This apple pouch has a small carabiner attached, so you clip the produce bags to the handle of your reusable grocery bags and you will never forget them.

Our reviewer-in-chief, Shaunna, found that though the bags are incredibly compact when not in use. They also provide a tremendous amount of room for produce. She  noted that all of the bags – even the mesh one – were very sturdy and not soon to wear out.