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Breathe New Life Into Your Favorite Old Shoes With Resole America

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By Jeffrey

It never fails… just when you’ve gotten your favorite pair of shoes perfectly broken in, they begin to wear out.

Well, that’s where Resole America comes in.

They breathe new life into your favorite old kicks.

Read on to see what makes these “conversions” or resoles so awesome and eco-friendly.


Founded in 1997, Resole America began with two things in mind: 1) resole shoes and boots remarkably well, and 2) Do it quickly and conveniently.

They’ve done a great job at accomplishing those two goals thus far.


How Resole America Works

It’s a simple 3-step process. Browse from Resole America’s list of shoes and styles and add the item to your cart, ship off your shoes in their pre-paid UPS box, receive your old shoes made new again in about a week.

How much easier can it get?

Resole America can even take your heavy, leather soled shoes and “convert” them into something lighter and more comfortable.

What does each conversion or resole entail? New unit outsole, factory refinish, new laces, minor stitching as needed.

Using Resole America to bring your worn out shoes back to life can not only save you money, but also reduce your environmental impact. Instead of throwing out your old shoes and buying new shoes, Resole America’s shoe “conversions” or resoles help you cut down on the waste involved in replacing worn out shoes while also eliminating the need to break in a new pair.