‘May The Forest Be With You’ Reusable Bag

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You don’t have to be a stuffy, stuck-up eco-snob to live green.

We think it’s better to have a good time as you learn to live greener.

Why not have some fun and show off your own style through your reusable bag selection?

Personally, I’m a Star Wars geek (even the text notification on my Droid is Chewbacca), so I naturally loved the “May The Forest Be With You” tote on CafePress.

CafePress has an impressive selection of creative and clever reusable totes to choose from. Unfortunately, they’re a little on the pricey side — $17 a pop.

At that rate, it may be a better idea to buy one funny bag to bring set the tone among your other cheaper reusable bags.

Some of my favorite CafePress totes, in addition to the “May The Forest Be With You” bag, are:

  • “Plastic bags are like, soooo, boring”
  • “I’m a panda trapped in a human body”
  • “Cannibalism: The ultimate in recycling”


Bags with things like that printed on them will surely start some conversations, get some laughs, and maybe even elicit a dirty look or two.

A bonus factor to such clever and funny reusable bags is that they somehow seem less like a purse, which us man-folk can most definitely appreciate.

For those of you possessing the Y chromosome, check out some other awesome (and affordable) man-friendly reusable bags.

What are some of the funniest or most clever reusable bags you’ve seen (or hopefully own)?


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I think every little step toward living green is an awesome one... but eco-snobbery sucks! My goal is to help newbies learn the most important steps toward living green -- individually and collectively. Personally, I strive to have as little impact as possible on Planet Earth while I'm here.

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