Review of Eco-Friendly Lunch Box from Lunchsense

by Jeffrey

BPA, green kids, plastics

lunchsense-lunchboxLunch. We all need it. We all eat it.

Who wouldn’t want to save tons of money and “brown bag it” to work, but leave the wasteful brown bag behind?

Wouldn’t you like to send your kids off to school with a lunch packed in eco-friendly style?

Lunchsense lunch boxes come with food storage containers and they’re free of BPA, lead, and vinyl!

Oh, and by the way, we’re giving you an exclusive 20% discount code if you decide to buy one.

Lead In Lunch Boxes?

So, you didn’t know that many lunch boxes contain dangerous levels of lead?

It’s been proven that many lunch boxes contain lead levels well over the limit of what’s considered safe… and a few even contain up to 10 times that amount!



My Experience With Lunchsense

Well, actually it’s my wife’s experience.

I contacted Lunchsense a couple of months ago to ask some questions about their lunch boxes. After a few emails back and forth, they sent me one of their medium size lunch boxes for my wife (who is a school teacher) to try out and review.

She loved it SOOOO much that I asked them if they’d be willing to give one away to a lucky reader of The Fun Times Guide to Living Green.

They agreed…and went above and beyond to offer a discount coupon code for everyone else.

My Wife’s Review:


  • The containers that come with each lunch box are handy and the lids close securely without leaking, even when the contents are salad dressings and soups!
  • SUPER easy cleanup, due to the 1-step unfolding feature…just wipe it down with a wet cloth and you’re done!
  • The lunch box itself is very sturdy.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap (on the model she received).
  • The included containers help with portion control.

Didn’t Like:

  • The included containers are quite shallow, making it difficult for fruit salad, soups, etc to fit. (Note, the containers are sized to the lunch box, the large sized Lunchsense lunch box‘s containers are nearly twice the size of the medium one’s.)

Comments She Received About the Lunchsense Lunch Box:

  • “Fun color!” (hers is lime green)
  • “Oooh I like how it unfolds.”
  • “I like that the containers are a safe plastic.” (BPA-free polypropylene)
  • “I like how the containers fit together and snugly inside the lunch box.”


What Makes Lunchsense Lunch Boxes So Awesome

healthy for the environment

  • BPA free, lead free and vinyl free lunchboxes
  • Durable, reusable containers eliminate packaging waste
  • Polyethylene and polypropylene are stable, time-tested choices for food storage

healthy for you

  • Encourages portion control and reduces food waste
  • Nutritionally balanced fare is easy to pack


Lunchsense also says,

“When food is packed in disposable containers (like baggies) the leftovers are seen as trash and thrown away at school with everything else. When food is packed in reusable containers, the leftovers return home.”

Check out more of the endless ways that Lunchsense lunch boxes are the most eco-friendly lunch boxes around… and the downright coolest, to boot.


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