Screw Earth Day!

by Jeffrey

Earth Day, Earth Hour, Earth Month, green events

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grist-screw-earth-day.gifGreen giant Grist has an idea for this April 22nd…


Why would such a gigantic source for all things green be so anti-Earth Day?

It might shock you, but they actually have some good reasons that might leave you asking yourself, “Should I screw Earth Day too?”

I think I would start by first asking, “Why might you consider screwing Earth Day?”

Grist says,

Screw Earth Day was born from mixed emotions about a day that we purists think doesn’t do enough to get the message across about what individuals can and should be doing to protect the environment.”

Good point… or is it?

‘Round here at The Fun Times Guide to Living Green, we think every little step towards living green helps.

There’s no sense whatsoever in being an eco-snob…

Because eco-snobbery SUCKS!

Does Grist wreak of eco-snobbery by taking such a jaded stance against Earth Day?

In their “What’s The Matter With Earth Day” post, Grist goes on to explain themselves a bit futher, saying,

“While even the most jaded Grist staffer gets a little excited on Earth Day, as lots and lots of people gather together in communities around the world to do something good for our dearly loved Mother Nature, in the back of our heads we’re thinking, It’s not about a single day, dude, it’s about living green every day.‘ “

Personally, I can’t argue with anyone there.

What I love about events like Earth Day is that the get people thinking.

“Thinking about what?” you ask.

Thinking about living green. We asked people on the darkened streets of an Earth Hour flagship city if they would live greener as a result of Earth Hour, and many said they would.

Obviously, the goal for Earth Day is to get people thinking about how they can live greener (and to learn why they should).

What are your plans for Earth Day and how are you going to help your family, friends, and community learn to live greener?