Staying Green At The Office: 5 Ways To Adopt Environmentally Friendly Habits At Work

Adopting green office habits can be simple if small steps are taken each day. photo by Phillie Casablanca on Flickr.

Nearly everyone these days is trying to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, and those efforts can extend to staying green at the office, too. Adopting more eco-friendly work habits -- even when clocking in your hours at work -- can be especially easy if your efforts include small changes that add up to green results. There are many little things you can do around the office to stay green while earning your green. Here's a green checklist of 5 simple things you can do to help … [Read more...]

7 Green Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Ladies

OK, following up on 7 green Valentine’s Day gift ideas for guys, here are 7 for the girls: 1. Organic Fair-Trade Coffee, Tea, or Chocolate: Coffee is both the “second-most traded” and “second-most pesticide-laden” crop in the world, from what I’ve read. Go green (and just) this Valentine’s Day by buying your lady (or potential lady) an organic, fair-trade delicacy if she’s a big coffee drinker. And if you want to do a little bonus work, maybe try … [Read more...]

Eco-Friendly Homemade Cleaning Products: The Best Ways To Clean With Lemons, Cooking Oil, And Vinegar


Green living can mean a number of different things -- from learning how to make homemade solar panels to using organic fertilizer in your yard and garden. Living green also has to do with conserving water, energy costs and using those commercial cleaners that are full toxic chemicals that could hurt our animals and children. Yet, we keep using those cleaners. But maybe the only reason we do this is because we aren’t aware of how many natural cleaning solutions we actually have in our … [Read more...]

10 Ways To Green Your Evening Routine

If you look at the 3 articles in this series (8 Ways to Green Your Morning Routine, 5 Ways to Green Your Daytime Routine, and this one), I think one thing clearly stands out. While “greening your transport” or “greening your diet” may look like individual green actions on the surface (i.e. the same as “greening your wardrobe”), these cover actions that you do not only once a year, not only once a month, not only everyday even, but a few times a day. So, the point is, they add up to a lot. … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Green Your Daytime Routine

I started a little series on ways to green your daily routine before the holidays started. And then I got caught up with holiday-related posts for a long time. Now that things have calmed down again, though, I’m coming back to this. The first piece was on how to green your morning routine. So, naturally, this one is on how to green your daytime routine. … [Read more...]

10 Green Christmas Gifts For The Ladies

Following up on last week’s Green Gifts for Guys post, here’s one for the girls. Of course, most of the items on this list could go to guys as well (and same with the previous list)... but these are items that came to mind for the ladies, in particular.   … [Read more...]

Tips On Wasting Less From A Suburban Mom

People, especially Americans, throw out a ton of garbage that isn’t... well... garbage. The average American household actually produces approximately 18 pounds of garbage daily. But how much of that could be disposed of in a more eco-friendly way, or not disposed of at all?     … [Read more...]

Funny Quiz: Oil Spill, Seagal, or Van Damme?

Some of BP's oil cleanup tactics sound a lot like bad action movie titles. But hey, what do you expect from a company who turns even a coffee spill into a corporate disaster? came up with a clever quiz to see if you can tell whether or not the phrase is a BP cleanup idea or a actually a Steven Seagall or Jean Claude Van Damme movie title. … [Read more...]

Hilarious BP Coffee Spill Parody Video

This is what happens when BP spills coffee during a meeting. What could have been a simple cleanup (not to mention prevented) turns into a ridiculous conglomeration of failed tongue-in-cheek cleanup efforts. Watch: … [Read more...]