Hilarious BP Coffee Spill Parody Video

by Jeffrey

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This is what happens when BP spills coffee during a meeting. What could have been a simple cleanup (not to mention prevented) turns into a ridiculous conglomeration of failed tongue-in-cheek cleanup efforts.


So what’s going on behind the scenes here?

The genius of this video by UCBComedy is that they actually used many of the ridiculous cleanup ideas that BP has actually attempted – without success.

Here’s how they appear:

0:19 – The oil containment boom that came up short.

0:52 – The failed cofferdam that collapsed and remains on the sea floor.

1:08 – After an realizing that the volume of oil spilling out into the ocean was drastically underestimated, BP considered “the junk shot” solution. This idea involved stuffing the leaks with garbage….literally. As if there isn’t enough trash already littering the ocean.

1:19 – After the conventional containment boom failed, BP considered Alabama hairdresser Phil McCrory’s idea to construct containment booms of human hair would be more effective. Riiiiight….

1:40 – After several failed containment attempts, BP places the blame on Halliburton, and Halliburton blames BP.

2:03 – BP then attempted to drill two relief wells.

2:05 – With nothing seeming to prove effective, some bright soul realized that oil would still burn while mixed in water, so a series of “controlled burns” ensued.

2:10 – The original Waterworld heroin himself, Kevin Costner, comes forward with a magic machine he’s been working on that will separate the oil from the water. Costner has been funding a team of scientists for 15 years in hopes of developing this technology. As last week, Costner’s company, Ocean Therapy Solutions, signed a contract with BP to provide 32 units of this machine.

2:19 – Instead of UCBComedy putting faith behind Costner’s dream machine, they instead reference the foolish idea of plugging the oil leak with golf balls – you know, because it turns out that stuffing it with trash was a bad idea.

Hey, I’m glad so many ideas were thrown out, be them ridiculous or not, but maybe Costner’s machine really will work. With 2.5 million gallons of oil spilling into the Gulf each day, let’s hope it will.

Can you think of any ways to help out in the relief efforts while we wait on BP and the Obama camp to come up with a real solution?