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It turns out that BP doesn't handle coffee spills any better than they do oil spills...

On World Trade Day, try to support the benefits of fair trade & help entrepreneurs in developing countries sell their commodities for the price they deserve

Using your own reusable coffee mug is an easy way to live greener. Add a reusable coffee sleeve to that and you'll cut down on unnecessary waste even more!

Nestle UK goes Fairtrade with the Kit Kat bar...but should it really be called Not-So-Fairtrade?

Pumpkin pie is great, but so boring. Check out these 9 creative pumpkin recipes to enjoy this fall.

Heading to the ATL for business or pleasure and want to stay in the greenest hotel in Atlanta? Look no further than the Sheraton Downtown Atlanta.

Don't get sucked dry by evil vampire load. October 30th is National Vampire Awareness Day! Now's the time to unplug electronics that are sucking phantom loads of electricity.

Host a fun Earth Hour 2008 party and save the world in an hour!

3 reasons locally owned, organic coffee shops are MUCH better than chain stores...because who wants to drink already stale coffee?