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7 Green Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Ladies

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By Zachary

OK, following up on 7 green Valentine’s Day gift ideas for guys, here are 7 for the girls:

1. Organic Fair-Trade Coffee, Tea, or Chocolate: Coffee is both the “second-most traded” and “second-most pesticide-laden” crop in the world, from what I’ve read. Go green (and just) this Valentine’s Day by buying your lady (or potential lady) an organic, fair-trade delicacy if she’s a big coffee drinker. And if you want to do a little bonus work, maybe try getting it from a local coffee shop and/or include an eco-friendly coffee condom. If she’s more into tea or chocolate, going the same route with those still makes a big difference.

2. Organic Flowers: If you are a flowers person (or, more importantly, if she is), consider ponying up a little more to make those flowers extra special and organic. The birds and the bees will appreciate it, and hopefully she will, too.

3. A Live Plant: Live plants in the house are very beneficial for air quality and also make a place that much nicer, imho. If you’re at the right stage to do so, and know that the plant won’t be dead in two weeks, skip the flowers and go with a full, living plant!

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4. Fruit Basket: I almost overlooked this idea, because it doesn’t necessarily stand out as “green.” But eating fruit is totally green and fruit baskets are nice, romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day. And you know what they say about some of those fruits… might be a good way to start the day.

5. Organic, Eco-Friendly Lotions: There are really a ton of them out there these days. Of course, there’s also a ton of greenwashing. If you are getting something online, you can easily search around for authentic green products, though. And if you are going to buy something in a shop, just try to do a little research beforehand. Generally, organic and vegan can’t be messed with much and are good things to look for. But make sure these adjectives are not just describing one or two ingredients and the rest is a toxic mix of things.

6. Eco-Friendly Massage Oil: There are different types of massage oil out there. And pure, natural, sustainably-sourced oils are the way to go. But some companies, like BsaB, go even much further by making sure that they are sustainably powered from renewable energy and are using eco-friendly packing. Check out their list of Aromatherapy Essential Oils for some good Valentine’s Day gift options.

7. Organic Cotton, Bamboo, Hemp, or Recycled Fabric Lingerie: Yeah, if you can choose such a gift for this special someone, there are plenty of eco-friendly lingerie options these days.

Hey, and don’t forget the card! Think about sending an e-card this year through Care2, Blue Mountain, the Nature Conservancy, or some other green e-card site. And I’m not gonna lie, while these may not be as green as the options above (but still save plenty of paper and transport), someecards has some of the funniest cards I’ve ever seen — worth a look.

Hope you like these ideas. Any more you’d like to add? 

[Photo: DeeJohnson/Flickr]