5 Easy Ways To Go Green While Driving In Your Car


Everyone’s going green these days -- even in the car. The rise of flex fuel, environmentally friendly cars has helped millions of Americans go the extra mile in keeping our planet a little greener. While I’m trying my best to stay eco friendly, I don't currently have the financial means to go buy an electric vehicle, and frankly I love having ample horsepower under the hood to play around with. However, there are many other ways that I can be environmentally responsible without having … [Read more...]

11 Unusual Ways to Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags

Something that happens to me, more often than I care to admit, is that realize I've left all my reusable bags in my car while I'm standing in the line at the grocery store waiting to check out. Oh so useful, right? If you ever find yourself in this situation you could definitely make a mad dash to the car to get the bags. However, if you don’t feel like working up a sweat, then just checkout as normal and get the plastic grocery bags. Plastic bags???? Worldwatch Institute estimates that … [Read more...]

ChicoBag Produce Stand: The Best Reusable Produce Bags

We totally love reusable bags. But have you ever wished you didn't have to put plastic produce bags in your favorite canvas bag upon checkout? Yeah, us too. ChicoBag to the rescue! Chicobag makes some of the best reusable bags around (including a few man-friendly bags).   … [Read more...]

5 Man-Friendly Reusable Tote Bags

Listen up fellow men, you don't have to be a girlie man to go green... but sometimes you're almost forced to look like one. But I'm going to help you change that right now. One of the easiest ways to live greener is to take your own reusable bags to the grocery store. Unfortunately, most reusable bags look a lot like a dainty little purse. Unless you're perfectly secure in your manhood, you may find yourself opting out of the reusable bags in favor of plastic bags. Any of the … [Read more...]

2 Free, Quick, & Easy Repurposing Ideas That Will Make Your Life Easier

I don't know about you, but I LOVE to discover simple and easy ideas that make life easier, greener, and cheaper! You know what I mean, ideas that you could file under the, "Why didn't I think of that?" category. In the twitter world, today is #EcoMonday, which means lots of great #freen posts too. Here is where I show you 2 amazing "freen" ideas that don't cost you a dime and make life way easier! But what does "freen" mean? … [Read more...]

The BEST Reusable Tote Bags: Organic, Recycled, And Made In The USA

What if I told you that you can have an organic cotton reusable tote bag that was made in the USA for under $10? Would you believe me? Well you better. I recently recieved this email from a reader named Diane: "I work for an educational, non-profit organization.  I’m very interested in all of the information on your website.  Right now I have to put my focus on finding a reusable tote bag for our trainers to carry their training supplies.  The specifications for the totes are: Number … [Read more...]

Every Day Is Earth Day… And It STARTS With Our Children

If we continue to misuse our planet's resources and allow it to continue in its spiraling descent into oblivion, who will be the ones to suffer? As a guy in my mid 20's I'll feel a lot of the pain, but it'll be those much younger than me who bear the brunt of the damage we're inflicting today -- and all because we're just lazy. In celebration of Earth Day, I was extended the privilege to speak to a couple of 3rd grade classes at a local elementary school. I really enjoyed getting to … [Read more...]