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Grab a .99 Cent Reusable Shopping Bag from Publix

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By Jeffrey

cheap-reusable-shopping-bags-receipt.jpgEver wanted to live green by purchasing some reusable shopping bags for those grocery store runs but don’t want to pay $15 for each of them?

Publix has your solution…reusable grocery bags for .99 cents!!

Some of my and my wife’s friends gave us our Christmas presents in a couple of these bags and then my wife came home with another one after a trip to the store. When she showed me the receipt (and that is the actual receipt pictured), I couldn’t believe it!

Now this is what we’re about here at The FUN Times Guide to Living Green–taking those steps into a more sustainable lifestyle should be enjoyable, natural, and shouldn’t break the bank.

Thanks Publix for making that possible!

As I’ve mentioned before, around 30 billion plastic bags are used (and mostly carelessly disposed of) every year in America. The amount of groceries that used to fill up 15-20 plastic bags, now fits in our 3 new reusable Publix shopping bags.

That means that $3 in reusable shopping bags reduces a HUGE impact on the environment and saves me time by not having to make 4 trips to the car to unload our groceries…which is my job at our house.

Check out more ways Publix helps you live green by reading more about the grocery store here at The FUN Times Guide to Living Green and by browsing their GreenWise Market Magazine (you can even get a free subscription).

Do you use reusable shopping bags? If so, where’d you get them and how much did they set you back?

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