A Better Bag From Whole Foods: The ONLY .99 Cent Over-The-Shoulder Reusable Tote

by Jeffrey

shopping, shopping bags

trouble-getting-up-stairs.jpgEver had a little trouble getting up those steps with both hands full of grocery bags?

One reader, Indie, left a comment on a previous post about my 4 favorite, stylish, reusable canvas bags, asking for the solution to such a scenario.

Well Indie (and everyone else who shares her dilemma), here’s your solution.

Indie said, “I have 3 kids in a third floor apartment and I’m cursing myself for buying shopping bags that I can’t carry on my shoulder.”

I’m happy to say that I cannot take credit for the solution to this dilemma.

The credit goes to another commenter on that post. Meredith from our sister site The Fun Times Guide to Brentwood, TN answered Indie’s question with her own comment.

In addition to her comment, Meredith sent me a pic of herself carrying the ‘A Better Bag’ from Whole Foods over her shoulder.

In addition, she says:

“The Whole Foods Better Bag is the only “grocery specific” bag I’ve found that works over the shoulder. It has a very nice feel that seems more durable than the bags from Kroger and Target.”

Thanks Meredith, for the great info! Anyone else know of a good [and cheap] reusable shopping bag?

Besides this one from Whole Foods, the cheapest ones I’ve found are $6.95.