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2 Free, Quick, & Easy Repurposing Ideas That Will Make Your Life Easier

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By Jeffrey

Ketchup-pancake-dispenser.jpg I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to discover simple and easy ideas that make life easier, greener, and cheaper!

You know what I mean, ideas that you could file under the, “Why didn’t I think of that?” category.

In the twitter world, today is #EcoMonday, which means lots of great #freen posts too.

Here is where I show you 2 amazing “freen” ideas that don’t cost you a dime and make life way easier!

But what does “freen” mean?

“Freen” is a word created by my green blog bud, Shea Gunther, from Mother Nature Network.

It’s a whimsical word that is both full of meaning and has no meaning at all.

Around the blog and twitter worlds you’ll sometimes see this word used in place of the word “green”. Why? because green has become so commercial.

As a result, “freen” is sometimes used to refer to things, people, or ideas that are authentically, affordably, creatively, and truly green.

On that note…


2 Easy & Creative Ways to Live Greener Freener

#1 – Reuse a Ketchup Squeeze Bottle for Perfect Organic Pancakes

This idea (pictured above) comes from CrafterHolic, via LifeHacker. Everyone loves great saturday morning pancakes (espcially if they’re organic), but who wants to deal with the gigantic mess they involve?

Exactly…me neither.

This great idea can and will make your pancake or waffle making experience way easier…and it obviously doesn’t cost you a dime!

After I posted the LifeHacker link on my facebook profile yesterday, my friend Heather commented on it saying,

Great idea for camping. Make ahead and put in a condiment bottle! Brilliant!!!

That’s a great use for this idea indeed!


easy-diy-reusable-grocery-bag.jpg#2 – Make Your Own Reusable Bags Out of Old T-Shirts

I absolutely LOVE this idea!

I’ve written a lot about reusable shopping bags here at The Fun Times Guide to Living Green, but this idea may be my favorite so far!

This simple & fast 5-step Instructable will have you crankin’ out your very own reusable shopping bags in no time…and with a novice level of sewing that even I could handle.

The awesomeness of these 2 projects is so obvious it’s not even funny. Why pay for something when you could reuse something to fulfill the same purpose?

Are you going to use either of these ideas to help you live green and live freener?