Dreaming Of A Green Honeymoon? A Newlywed’s Fun Tips For Having An Eco-Friendly Honeymoon


When Mark and I were planning our September 2012 nuptials, we made every decision with the question of “how much unnecessary waste will this produce?” looming in the back of our minds.The result?We had our wedding invitations designed like postcards to cut back on paper, featured caterers that used locally grown ingredients and decorated with potted plants instead of cut flowers.So when it came time to plan our honeymoon, it only made sense that we would want our romantic trip to be … [Read more...]

5 Easy Ways To Go Green While Driving In Your Car


Everyone’s going green these days -- even in the car.The rise of flex fuel, environmentally friendly cars has helped millions of Americans go the extra mile in keeping our planet a little greener.While I’m trying my best to stay eco friendly, I don't currently have the financial means to go buy an electric vehicle, and frankly I love having ample horsepower under the hood to play around with.However, there are many other ways that I can be environmentally responsible without having … [Read more...]

Ford Green Cars: Yes, You Can Go Further With Ford


Two Ford vehicles are on KBB's Top 10 Green Car List: the 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid and 2012 Ford Focus. Ford is just one automaker among many that are making a point of marketing their vehicles as 'green,' but the Detroit-based automaker is moving beyond powertrain-based green claims. Ford says that its vehicles are also 85% recyclable by weight, and feature unique materials that replace landfill-destined plastics. --Left Lane News Here are Ford Motor Company's top 10 green … [Read more...]

Live Green, Bike More! 3 Tips for Enjoying Your Next Bike Ride

Bike rides don't have to be just exercise, they can be fun too.

Bicycling is actually really hard not to enjoy. And it comes with a ton of benefits -- which is why it’s one of the most popular recreational activities in the U.S. (and why some folks bike into their 100s).But a lot of people still have trouble believing they can bicycle for transportation purposes, or have fears about doing so.The percentage of utilitarian bikers is clearly growing across the U.S. though.Perhaps you’re thinking about joining the green transport trend?If so, or … [Read more...]

Nature in a Rail Car…Literally

Rail car turned mobile garden

As part of this month’s Art on Track festival in Chicago, some greenies with an artistic twinge (or artists with a green twinge) turned the inside of a rail car into a nature wonderland.The rail car “circled Chicago’s elevated downtown loop for 5 hours with several additional cars decorated with numerous other art installations,” This Is Colossal writes.Art on Track was apparently the “world’s largest mobile art exhibition” and I imagine this is the biggest such “nature on a train” … [Read more...]

Yike Bike: What Do You Think About This Bicycle Alternative?


What is a Yike Bike?It’s a pretty interesting bike-like vehicle (actually, like a miniature version of an old Penny-farthing bicycle) that is not human-powered but battery-powered.Cycling is a great way to get around with almost no impact on the environment, but with a positive impact on your health. But does the Yike Bike detract from both of those often-touted points?Check out the videos below for a lot more on how the Yike Bike works.  … [Read more...]

The Man Who Cycled The Americas = Awesome

the man who cycled the americas

Mark Beaumont -- heard of him? I’m sorry to say that I hadn’t until recently (I think).Mark became the “fastest man to cycle around the world” in 2008. He did so in 194 days and 17 hours. BBC commissioned a film of this record-breaking journey and news agencies around the world picked up the story (I wasn’t quite the news addict then, so apparently missed it).Anyway, that was 2008. Since that time, he has also taken a 9-month bicycling trip down North and South America, traveling down … [Read more...]

Get Your Crafty Cruise On With A Folding Swiss Army Knife Bike


Ever wish you had a bike that was sort of like a Swiss army knife?Well, some Swiss designers have developed a nifty, folding electric bike that seems to fit the bill.The Voltitude, as it is called, made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show this year and is supposed to be on the market worldwide sometime in 2011.Check out how easy it is to fold and unfold the bike in the video below.   … [Read more...]

Give Your Kids a Green Jump Start at an Eco Summer Camp


Do you ever wish that you would have learned the cool “green” stuff that you know now, a few years earlier? If so, why not give your kids, or kids you know, a chance to do just that...a jumpstart on learning, if you will.How you might ask? Summer camp of course!Don’t get me wrong, there’s always the option of giving a green book to read, but eco-friendly camp just sounds WAY more fun.Read on to check out a list of several great ones.  … [Read more...]

Soon You Will Be Able to Rent a Nissan LEAF From Enterprise

Let's be honest...cars are pretty cool.They allow us to travel from one place to another in a short amount of time and when we so choose. But what happens when you travel out-of-town and have to rent a car that isn't as comfortable, high-tech, or fuel-efficient as your car at home?Enterprise, the company that “picks you up”, is out electric rental cars this month to 8 different markets equipped with adequate charging stations. … [Read more...]