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Walk, Bike, Crawl, or Scoot for World Carfree Day on September 22nd

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By Zachary


One of my favorite holidays on the planet is coming up soon — World Carfree Day.

The idea is pretty simple: for this one day, don’t use your car!

Of course, one goal of the holiday is to show people the benefits of other modes of transportation and show them that these are viable options that they could use more often throughout the year (not just on this one day).

As we’ve written previously here at The Fun Times Guide to Living Green, there are a lot of cool things about transit and bicycling, some of which are sort of hidden until you try these options out or think about things in a little more depth than normal.

While it’s not as eye-catching or flashy as the World Naked Bike Ride, World Carfree Day is a bit broader in that it includes more than biking and is not a turn off to those concerned about public nudity.

I highly recommend getting in on the fun on or about September 22 each year to enjoy World Carfree Day.


Why Getting Out of Your Car Is a Good Idea

I know that a lot of people love their cars, and the idea of other people trying to convince them to give those babies up or use them less can get on their nerves.

But just look at this info and see if it wouldn’t make sense to at least try the alternatives out for one day:

So, get out of your car and try out some green transport!