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Nissan Leaf Commercial = Hugs From A Polar Bear

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By Jeffrey

If polar bears had a labor union they would probably go on strike until the usage of their white fluffiness as a means to impart environmental guilt came to an end.

Nissan’s new LEAF commercial is a clever bait and switch that polar bears everywhere would be happy with.


Move over Lance Armstrong, it’s the polar bears’ turn in the Nissan spotlight.

Our friends at Ecorazzi say,

Nissan has released their latest commercial for the upcoming all-electric LEAF. It features a polar bear searching for answers as to why his world is melting away. (Somewhere, Knut the polar bear is upset he didn’t land this gig.)

Check it out below (and yes, that’s Robert Downey Jr’s voice you’re hearing at the end).

What do you think about the upcoming Nissan LEAF (and this commercial)?