Get Your Crafty Cruise On With A Folding Swiss Army Knife Bike

by Zachary

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Ever wish you had a bike that was sort of like a Swiss army knife?

Well, some Swiss designers have developed a nifty, folding electric bike that seems to fit the bill.

The Voltitude, as it is called, made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show this year and is supposed to be on the market worldwide sometime in 2011.

It’s incredibly easy to fold and unfold the bike.

With a simple, sleek look and some power behind it, it is useful and elegant.

It may not be as flashy or have such spectacular capabilities as the “Bond Bike” I wrote about awhile back. But, unfortunately, that isn’t a real on-the-market bike. The Voltitude is a real bike you may be able to bring home someday soon.

The Voltitude is about 55 inches long, foldable, almost 40 inches high (when not folded, of course). It is electric-powered but also includes pedal assistance.

A 250-watt, integrated motor powered by a 36 volt lithium-ion battery (that takes just 4 hours to charge) is integrated into the bike, adding a little weight to the electric vehicle. (It weighs about 50 pounds.) The battery can be charged by plugging it in to a 110 or 240 volt socket.

The Voltitude can reach up to 15mph and has a range of up to nearly 25 miles.

While the bike is currently only available in Switzerland, it is supposed to be available worldwide by the end of the year. If you’re a Swiss army knife and electric bike or scooter lover, this might be hard to pass up!

Seen any other awesome bikes around (folding, electric, Bond, or otherwise)? Share them in the comments below.


Image via Yanko Design