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Pioneers of a new sport called 'liquid mountaineering' may be giving Jesus a run for his money...literally.

So many terrible things happening in such a short amount of time could lead us into depression, but it's better to look at the silver lining.

Hats off to this AMAZING pug! If he can live green, so can we.

Want to do your part to save some water and the planet? Grab your significant other or attractive stranger and shower together.

What is World Water Day and why is it important? This infographic answers those questions better than any article.

If you want a cheap yet high quality rain barrel, don't miss out on this sale from Northern Tool. Pick up a 52 gallon rain barrel for $39!

Who needs to spend thousands of dollars for solar panels? All you need is to do is attach the $9.99 HydroWOW to your faucet, leave the water running all day, and you'll be generating your own hydro-power in no time!

WaterPik's EcoFlow handheld shower head helps you enjoy saving water... and this low-flow shower head handles low water pressure with ease! Here's my review

Don't be fooled by their cuteness, the kitties are out to get us...and our water. Fortunately, Jason Mraz has a great water conservation tip to save us all!