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Get rid of pointless things taking up space in your life. Its good for you & the planet! Here are 3 key points from the book 50 Things Your Life Doesnt Need

The best way to live green is to start your day off that way. Check out these easy ways to green morning routine.

What if your house could be one giant water saving machine? If it were built out of Save Water Bricks, it could be.

The Hydros Bottle is a BPA-free water bottle that can filter your water on the go AND raise money for clean water initiatives around the world.

This clever cartoon illustrates just how IMpure our water really is. Scary facts indeed.

The stainless steel filtered water bottle from WaterGeeks may free you from your filtered water pitcher.

Don't end up with dead flowers, herbs, or veggies because you forgot to water them. You can build these self-watering garden systems yourself on the cheap.

Can you correctly answer whether these phrases are names of BP oil cleanup ideas or actually bad action movie titles? Yeah, the similarity is striking...

It turns out that BP doesn't handle coffee spills any better than they do oil spills...