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Generate Your Own Home Electricity With the $9.99 HydroWOW

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By Jeffrey

Have you ever wished you could generate your own electricity?

Well stop considering investing thousands of dollars in solar panels, wind turbines, or geothermal systems. The HydroWOW turns any faucet in your home into a mini hydro-electric power plant!

The more you run your water, the more electricity you generate! The best part is that the HydroWOW will only set you back $9.99!


The HydroWOW is a project of the good folks at Tree Humper (a great site for people who really love the environment).

How does the HyrdoWOW work?

The product details page says it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Attach the HyrdoWOW to your faucet.
  2. Turn the water on before you leave for work.
  3. Let the HydroWOW save the Earth and reduce your electric bill.

The people behind the HydroWOW say, “Depending on your water pressure you can generate between a lot and a wicked lot of electricity!

What inspired the creation of the HydroWOW?

“We were so moved by the recent groundswell of people going green, that we decided to join in,” said HydroWOW executives. “We are passionate about going Green (by ‘going’ we mean making) and that’s why we developed the HydroWOW.”

(You still don’t think this is a real product – or even a good idea for one – do you? It is Funny Friday here at The Fun Times Guide to Living Green, after all.)

Please tell me why this is NOT a good idea for a real-world product in the comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

The people behind Tree Humper, which is part of the Live Oak network, are truly some of my dearest green media friends…but I can’t reveal their identities…lest I have to kill you shortly thereafter. “They” say,

“We are passionate environmentalists who don’t take ourselves too seriously.  Outside of Tree Humper we are professionals fighting to save the world but if the world isn’t having a bit of fun, what’s the point?  We hope the things you find here give you a smile, make you think… or make you shake your head.”

Obviously we’re all about having fun…this is The FUN Times Guide to Living Green.