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Liquid Mountaineering: Now You and Jesus Can Have a Foot Race on Water

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By Jeffrey

Have you heard of the newest eco extreme sport?  It’s called liquid mountaineering (I just call it pure awesomeness).

Check it out:

Thanks to my friend Shea Gunther, who introduced me to liquid mountaineering and posted the awesome video at MNN.com.

Bubble buster: Ok, I can’t keep you on the hook any longer. As much as it saddens me to tell you this, there is no such thing as liquid mountaineering.

This video is just a very well produced advertisement – or rather, advertainment – for one of my favorite outdoor shoe companies, Hi-Tec.

Don’t worry, if you fell for it hook, line, and sinker, you’re not alone. Numerous YouTubers, extreme sports lovers, and even several news outlets (Including ESPN and a Washington D.C. TV station) fell for it too.