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Reducing your amount of waste can be more difficult in the suburbs, but with a little common sense and creativity, it's perfectly possible.

A serious love for reading can get costly - for your wallet and the environment! To save money AND the planet find great books at libraries & used book stores

Bring your old shoes back to life with Resole America -- it's eco friendly!

Hats off to this AMAZING pug! If he can live green, so can we.

Electronics are sometimes difficult to recycle...yet they were the most recycled item in 2009. See what other items top the most recycled list.

Letting your automatic sprinklers run during a rain storm...FAIL!

Ever thought of how many MILLIONS of toothbrushes end up in landfills every year? The Source toothbrush - a green toothbrush by Radius - is the answer!

Publix is saving tons of energy, tons of money, and earning overall cool points by installing motion detecting LED lights in their stores! Check it out!

Bury your worries in the ground each month with a plantable calendar that will grow wildflowers!