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New Year, New Calendar: Waste Not With An Eco-Friendly Plantable Calendar!

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By Jeffrey

plantable-calendar.jpgHave you heard? It’s a new year!

Bury your worries deep in the ground and forget about them forever…

Until beautiful flowers spring up from them.

That’s right, I can’t really think of a more beautiful and functional desk accessory than a calendar that has seeds embedded in the 100% post consumer paper!

Check it out…

I saw this nifty accessory at EcoFriend earlier today and thought it was just too great not to pass on.

The company that produces this plantable calendar is named, appropriately enough, Botanical PaperWorks.

The company is based in Canada, but has retail locations scattered all about the US.


What Makes A Plantable Calendar So Cool?

Well, for starters…it’s freakin’ plantable!

About the calendar:

“The Botanical PaperWorks’ signature Plantable Eco Calendar is here! Twelve months of completely plantable pages made with 100% post-consumer waste and 100% recyclable into wildflowers.

Botanical Paper Works says, “When a month passes by simply plant the seed-embedded page and wait for wildflowers to grow.”

Seems simple enough.

The calendar is 5″x5″ and comes in a pretty sweet and stylish reusable tin.


Still Want More Plantable Goodies?

Botanical PaperWorks makes a bunch of other plantable products.

Two of them really jumped out to me:

1) Think, Write, & Grow Plantable Journal

These plantable journals are filled with 150 pages made from 100% post consumer waste, held together with wrap ties, and snuggled up inside a plantable cover.

As a journaler myself, this really caught my eye!

(Oh I so hope it’s unruled paper… because no journal should have lines. Isn’t the point of journaling to abandon the boxes that bind us and let our thoughts flow freely?)

2) Yummy Cards

This one is WAY cool. It’s a little deviation from the company’s wildflower theme… but that’s why I like it.

This boxed set of plantable greeting cards is still the same 100% post consumer waste paper, but instead of being embedded with wild flowers, it’s embedded with herbs! Nice.

Of course we’re HUGE fans of ecards around here, but this seems like about the best ecard alternative I can think of.


What are some of your favorite plantable or compostable products?