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Bike Commuting Secrets: 4 Hidden Benefits Of Bike Commuting

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By Josh


You’re driving home from work in stop and go traffic and a cyclist passes you and proceeds up the line of cars.

This makes you wonder, “Why don’t I commute on a bicycle as well?” Your mind starts reeling with all of the other well-known benefits of bike commuting:

  • Bike commuting has no carbon footprint.
  • Bike commuting saves you money.
  • Bike commuting helps you lose weight.

In addition to those popular reasons, biking helps reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of air pollution — since you’re not driving your car.

Water pollution is also reduced by not having brake fluid, antifreeze, etc  produced that would typically drip from a car.

Commuting to work will also save money by not having to pay for the ever increasing gas.

But what about those hidden benefits that no one thinks about?

They’re almost more exciting than the ones I just listed.


Hidden Benefits Of Bike Commuting

Now that we’ve covered the reasons most known, let’s talk about some benefits that aren’t so obvious.

These “hidden” benefits are just as beneficial as the others, just not as easily seen.
They include:
  1. Lends itself to easier and cheaper parking
  2. Gives adrenaline…. the natural caffeine
  3. Is a great workout that’s easy on the joints
  4. Might save you money on lunch

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Let me break those 4 hidden benefits down for you…

#1 – Cycling eliminates the need to spend countless minutes circling the parking lot trying to find a parking space.  One bike lock and you’re good to go — just find a pole and lock up.

#2 – Bike commuting to work will also activate the endorphins in your body and make you happier and more productive at work.

#3 – While cycling is a great exercise to help lose weight, it is also a workout that is easy on the joints… unlike running.

#4 – Who doesn’t want to save money, especially on food?  As a matter of fact, it’s becoming more common for businesses to either have a discounted lunch or provide a monetary incentive for cyclists.

So do yourself a favor and grab your helmet and bike and take to the streets. Whatever your reasons may be, I hope to see you out on the road.

Photo: Dave Herholz