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BREAKING: Taco Bell Going Environmentally Neutral!

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By Jeffrey

I never thought I’d live to see the day that Taco Bell would be going environmentally neutral!

Can you believe it?

Well you shouldn’t believe it at all!

I first saw this great video from The Onion last week at Organic Nation and then saw that my twitter friend Robin Shreeves had also posted it at her blog on Mother Nature Network too.

Mark at Organic Nation said,

“In this eerily realistic segment, The Onion lampoons fast-food greenwashing campaigns, taking aim at Taco Bell.”

Robin at MNN said something very similar too,

“This morning news show spoof isn’t actually true, yet there is something eerily real about the unnaturalness of it all.”

I think they’re absolutely right…this clip was eerily realistic! Yikes.

The kinda sad thing is that lots of fast-food companies are starting to actually promote the health benefits and eco-friendliness of their foods and practices. Yikes.

Happy Friday and have a great green weekend! Perhaps you could get out and ride your bike, you know since the Tour de France is going on and all…