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My Review of END Stumptown 10’s: The Eco-Friendly Shoes of Your Dreams!

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By Jeffrey

Eco-friendly materials + slick design + light as a feather = one INCREDIBLE pair of shoes!

That’s the formula END Footwear (END stands for Environmentally Neutral Designs) applies to its shoe-making process and the result is way too wonderful to miss!

I received a pair of END Stumptown 10’s, and let me tell you firsthand, they’re absolutely AMAZING!

END Footwear is definitely the new kid on the block, having only entered the shoe market late in 2008.

Since then, however, they’ve been taking the performance shoe world by storm!

Just this past month, for example, the END Footwear OTG won the 2009 Runner’s World “Best Debut” award.

The END Stumptown 12 oz (not the 10 oz, that I have) also won Runner’s World “Best Trail Running Shoe Debut” in April.

Basically what I’m saying is that the eco-friendly and uber-green methods and materials used in the shoes from END Footwear are taking the shoe world by storm!

Just wait, if you haven’t heard of them yet… you will soon!

What Makes The END Stumptown 10 So Great?

  • 124 hands used to build this shoe (that’s a 50% human impact reduction)
  • Single mold, 25% recycled carbon rubber outsole
  • 10% recycled EVA midsole
  • Reduced amount of foam by over 50%
  • 25% bamboo infused linings in the collar and tongue
  • 100% recycled PET laces and webbing
  • Vegan designed
  • Women’s designs will no doubt be deemed “super cute” by the she-folk (see the bottom 2 pictures at right)
  • Learn more about END themselves:

You can find the END Stumptown 10 (and all other END Footwear shoes) at many retail locations and online vendors around the U.S.

The Stumptown 10’s cost about $70 (whether they be men’s OR women’s). That’s a VERY affordable price, especially given the over-inflated price tag of many eco-friendly products.

My Personal Experience In The Stumptown 10’s

I’ve been following the awesomeness that is END Footwear since late last year. A few weekends ago I saw them in a retail store for the first time.

I tried on the Stumptown 10’s in a half size too big and too small (since the store didn’t have the 11.5 that I needed.

I contacted END to ask where I could find an 11.5 and they offered to send me a pair for review. Wow!

Let me just say that these shoes are unlike anything you’ve ever put on. The shoe seems to conform to your foot for a custom fit and then seems to disappear as if you’re not even wearing one. They’re so light it’s tough to even detect them on your feet!

I’ve worked out, run sprints, taken a few long walks, and boxed in these shoes so far and they are outstanding! The support, lateral movement, ability to “cut” quickly, and comfort of this shoe have been superb thus far.

The only qualm that a person might have with this shoe (though it’s not an issue to me) is that the lack of padding in the upper shoe results in feeling some of the elements of the shoe upper itself. No big deal. It’s so light you’ll no longer notice it in a matter of moments.

Do your feet a favor and invest in some uber-green and incredibly priced shoes by END Footwear!