Hopping…I mean, Hoping for Lawn Maintenance Help From Wallabies

by Jeffrey

animals, landscaping, lawnmowers

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Tired of mowing the lawn altogether?

Get a wallaby.

Yeah, you read it right. Those cute little mini-kangaroos from down under can cut your lawn maintenance down to zilch — and they’re already being used for that in the UK!

This video is no longer available from MSNBC

Seriously, how FUN (note to mention cute) would it be to have a wallaby or 2 hopping around your backyard?

I’m sure my 2 black lab mixes would love them.

I first heard of this alternative lawn care method yesterday from my blog bud Shea Gunther at Mother Nature Network, and knew it was just too much fun not to share with you here.

We’ve talked a lot around here about greener options to the traditional gas powered mower. But if you still feel like reel mowers, electric reel mowers, electric push mowers, or even an electric riding mower aren’t your particular brand of mulch, I ask you, “why not wallaby?”.

Shea Gunther says, “[It’s] a new trend that’s bound to help.”

Get it? “Bound”. Wallabies. Boing, boing, boing. Clever Shea, very clever.

The prices quoted in the video might be accurate for the UK, but I could only find prices between $1,000 and $2,000 in the US.

Unfortunately none of the sites I found seemed to be updated recently, so your best bet is to try searching around for “exotic pet” dealers.

Still at $1,000 a pop, a wallaby would be a lot cheaper than a new riding mower…and WAY more fun.

Would you consider some lawn labor that is such a high caliber of cuteness?