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Screw Democracy, Build Your Own OILigarchy

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By Jeffrey

It may be your only shot at surviving the end of the world.

If you’re in the U.S. and neither one of the candidates are quite working for ya (or, like me, not voting is the only vote you have), why not construct your own system of government?

Why not build an elaborate OILigarchy? (Because democracy is so overrated.)


OILigarchy is a GREAT and free online game that you can play at addictinggames .com.

The game starts in the year 1940 and ends somewhere around 2050.

Your goal is to prospect, drill, and supply the black gold that the post war world is beginning to lust for.

The Sweetness of OILigarchy:

I loved that this game was TOTALLY tongue-in-cheek, from bang to bust.

It’s quite involved as you manage your oiligarchy in Texas, Alaska, Iraq, Venezuela, Nigeria, and even Washington D.C.

…and don’t forget to keep your shareholders happy while keeping an eye on supply, demand, and the GDP.

In D.C. you have to fund delegates of both parties in election races and combat the efforts of the "evil environmentalists". If you do your oil tycooon job right, the president will be "oiled" and you’ll have access to the secret room below the Senate building.

In the secret room you carry out, well, secret meetings…like "fabricating W.O.M findings" in Iraq so you can bomb it and open it up to oil exploration.

Taking it Too Far? No.

Just when you think the felling of rain forrests, corruption of Nigerian officials so they’ll, um, "control" the local tribes’ opposition, bombing Iraq, and polluting of oceans (complete with dying fish and murky water) is getting a little dark, sinister, and out of hand, you discover the brilliant truth behind the game.

However I won’t give it away.

Take it from me, if you want one of the best lessons you’ve ever had on the oil industry and it’s impact on our world (environmentally, economically, AND politically), you should take 30 minutes or so to play this game.

The ending is WONDERFUL!