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New FireFox plugin 'spills' oil over all the words BP, British Petroleum, etc in your browser.

An easy way to save paper AND cut your printing costs in half: go paperless! See how to save to pdf and go digital instead of printing everything on paper.

FINALLY! An eco friendly online only magazine that was actually made for the web: Green Lifestyle Magazine. And it's also a great read!

Want to meet local Twitter users near you AND save the world? Check out your local Twestival and how you can help!

Looking for even more excuses to be addicted to Twitter? Here are 3 super FUN ways you can use your Twitter account to live green!

Don't worry about Democracy, create an OILigarchy. This great online game will teach you the greatest lesson you've ever learned about the oil industry and its effects.

The rundown on the features and benefits of Mozilla's Flock Eco Edition browser! Now you can Flock yourself in good conscience.

Creating your very own Christmas ecard slideshow is easy. Check out these step by step instructions of how to create one, share it with friends and fam, or host it on your own free site...all in less than 15 minutes!

How do you save $840 million and about 500,000 trees? Send a Christmas ecard instead of a paper one.