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9 budget-friendly ways to make an eco friendly house - from replacing plastic with natural materials to using eco friendly cleaning products & 7 other green home tips.

Palm Oil

See why palm oil is so dangerous & how palm oil products are being used. Since palm oil has many different aliases, here's a list of ingredients to look for.


Ford green cars are popular and highly rated. Check out Ford Motor Company's top 10 green initiatives and see for yourself how Ford goes further.

These novel condoms are actually FDA approved and raise money for the relief and cleanup efforts of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Can you correctly answer whether these phrases are names of BP oil cleanup ideas or actually bad action movie titles? Yeah, the similarity is striking...

It turns out that BP doesn't handle coffee spills any better than they do oil spills...

New FireFox plugin 'spills' oil over all the words BP, British Petroleum, etc in your browser.

This cartoon makes you wonder if an oil company should really be expected to adequately handle their own oil spills. Yikes.

So many terrible things happening in such a short amount of time could lead us into depression, but it's better to look at the silver lining.