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Nature Makes The Best Autumn & Thanksgiving Outdoor Decorations On A Budget

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By Mary

Bring color, texture and warmth into your yard this Thanksgiving season — even if you are on a tight budget.

That’s right, autumn yard decor doesn’t have to be expensive if you decorate using items from nature.


Following are some simple DIY outdoor decorations that work great for your seasonal autumn and Thanksgiving holiday yard decor.


Straw Bales

Straw bales can be purchased at garden centers and farms that specialize in autumn decor.

They can be stacked atop one another or used individually.

Straw bales look great with a homemade scarecrow or soft sculptured person sitting on top of them.


Pumpkins and Gourds

While at the garden center or farm, pick up a few pumpkins and gourds.

They can be placed around straw bales, as well as on porch steps and railings. Pumpkins and gourds bring color, texture and warmth to your outdoor spaces.



Set pots of chrysanthemums, gerba daisies, ornamental kale, sedum, asters and salvia on porch steps, near straw bales and on porch railings.

Make an arrangement using autumn flowers, small pumpkins, acorns and berries.

Twist grapevines around porch and stair spindles and add stems of Queen Anne’s Lace or ornamental grasses.



Autumn garland can be made to bring color, texture and warmth to your porch.

Have children gather pretty colored leaves. Then, use a darning needle and heavy string (wire can be substituted to push through them) and fill the string or wire with leaves of contrasting colors.

You can also add other “earthy” things like acorns or pinecones, if desired.

Hang your homemade garland over doors and windows, or carefully twist them around porch railings and stair spindles.



Get an extra bale of straw when you are at the garden center or farm and make a scarecrow with it.

A scarecrow brightens your yard when placed on straw bales or in a chair on your porch.

Add a straw hat, boots and other embellishments to create a focal point. Then set pumpkins, gourds and flowers around him to make a beautiful display.



Cornstalks can also be found at garden centers and farms. Place them in a corner near your porch.

Add orange, yellow or red ribbon that is 1-1/2 inches wide and tie into a bow. Cornstalks can also be arranged in sheaves, if desired. You can also wind grapevines and strings of dried berries or artificial ivy into the cornstalks.

Cornstalks look great when placed behind straw bales with a scarecrow sitting on them.  They’re the perfect autumn and holiday outdoor decor.



Flat river rocks or rocks that are uniquely shaped can be used as a focal point in your yard decor. Rocks will add texture to your outdoor spaces.

You can use rocks to make an inukshuk. Then, place pumpkins and cornstalks around your rock formation.


No matter which of the above pieces of nature you choose to include in your autumn yard decor, you can always increase the effect by scattering acorns and pine cones around for a beautiful focal point.

Thanksgiving is the time when we give thanks for a bountiful harvest. All you need are a few items from nature and lots of imagination to bring color, texture and warmth to your yard this Thanksgiving and stay well within your budget.


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