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The Incredible LED Lit Toilet Seat

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By Jeffrey

LED gizmos and gadgets are all the rage these days…so why should your toilet seat be left out?

That’s right, for a cool $250 you could be the proud owner of an automated LED lit toilet seat.

Check out the demonstration video below (complete with German techno music, oh yeah!).

Hey, why not, right?


LED Light Toilet Seat

This LED toilet seat is called the Galactika.

The manufacturers seem to have a love for LEDs, as you can also buy some nifty little LED lit paver stones from them as well.

Seriously though, we all know that LEDs are wonderful, save LOTS of money, and are the near future of lighting, but is a LED lit toilet seat a little excessive?

Yes… but it’s still totally rad, don’t you think?

The manufacturer says:

galactika-led-toilet-seat.jpg“The energy is supplied by 4 pcs. AA 1,5V batteries, that you find in an inconspicuous battery case taped with a velcro at the backside of the closet or at the wall under the cistern. When opening the cover the LED light will be dimmed on slowly and kindle their full power after 5 seconds. When closing the cover the LED light will be dimmed off gently. If you leave the cover open the integrated processor interrupts the power supply after half an hour. One battery filling is good enough for one month run time.”

Ok so on the one hand you have a nice little power saving feature built in, but on the other you only have 1 month run time per battery. Yikes. Still sounds like it would waste a lot of power, despite the toilet seat’s awesomeness.

Just in case a LED lit toilet seat isn’t enough, you could also geek out your entire bathroom in LED fixtures, whirlybots, and do-dads… or even check out some more high-tech and futuristic toilets!

Who knew?